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Entertainment Computing research

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IFIP TC14: Entertainment Computing


To encourage computer applications for entertainment and to enhance computer utilization in the home, the technical committee will pursue the following aims:

  • To enhance algorithmic research on board and card games;
  • To promote a new type of entertainment using information technologies;
  • To encourage hardware technology research and development to facilitate implementing entertainment systems, and
  • To encourage non-traditional human interface technologies for entertainment.


  1. Algorithm and strategy for board and card games (algorithms of board games and card games; strategy control for board and card games; level setup for game and card games).
  2. Novel entertainment using ICT (network-based entertainment; mobile entertainment; location-based entertainment; mixed reality entertainment).
  3. Audio (music informatics for entertainment; 3D audio for entertainment; sound effects for entertainment).
  4. Entertainment human interface technologies (haptic and non-traditional human interface technologies; mixed reality human interface technologies for entertainment).
  5. Entertainment robots (ICT-based toys; pet robots; mental commit robots; emotion model and rendering technologies for robots).
  6. Entertainment systems (design of entertainment systems; entertainment design toolkits; authoring systems).
  7. Theoretical aspects of entertainment (sociology, psychology, and physiology for entertainment; legal aspects of entertainment).
  8. Video game and animation technologies (video game hardware and software technologies; video game design toolkits; motion capture and motion design; interactive storytelling; digital actors and emotion model).
  9. Interactive TV and movies (multiple view synthesis; free viewpoint TV; authoring technologies).
  10. Edutainment (entertainment technologies for children’s education; open environment entertainment robots for education).

Est. 2002 as SG16 / approved in 2006 as TC14