IFIP Technical Committee 14: Entertainment Computing

WG 14.7 – Art and Entertainment

//WG 14.7 – Art and Entertainment
WG 14.7 – Art and Entertainment

est. 2007


  • To explore the way art and cinema aesthetics can play a role in different areas of computer science.
  • One of its goals is to modify computer science by the application of the wide range of definitions and categories normally associated with making art and cinema.
  • To go beyond the usual definition of art and cinema aesthetics in computing, which most often refers to the formal, abstract qualities of such structures – a beautiful proof, or an elegant diagram.
  • To research the broader spectrum of aesthetics – from abstract qualities of symmetry and form to ideas of creative expression and pleasure – in the context of computer science.
  • To prove the assumption behind art and cinema aesthetic computing that the field of computing will be enriched if it embraces all of the aesthetics.


The influence of technology and scientific innovation is profoundly changing how we express ourselves. Arts and Entertainment is a new field that represents the exciting convergence of technology with the established design discipline. The Media Arts and Cinema offers a comprehensive approach to design that encourages innovation by media artists, scientists, and engineers.


Dr. Jun HU
Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Industrial Design
Designed Intelligence
P.O. Box 513
Telephone: +31.40 247 8331
E-mail: j.hu@tue.nl



Kyoto University
Academic Center for
Comp. and Media Studies Yoshida-Nihon-Matsu
Sakyo-ku, Kamingyo-ku
KYOTO 606-8501


ATGerfried Stocker
CNFeng Wang
DKAnthony L. Brooks
FRChristian Warocquier
GBRoy Ascott
JPMichihiko Mihoh
JPGert van Tonder
JPAdrian David Cheok
KRSoh Yeong Roh
SGJeffrey Tzu Kwan Valino Koh
USHisham M. Bizri
USRod Brooks
USScott Fisher
USJeffrey Huang
USErkki Hutamo
USNewton Lee
USBrian Loyall
USClaudio Pinhanez
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