IFIP Technical Committee 14: Entertainment Computing

WG 14.2 - Entertainment Robot

//WG 14.2 - Entertainment Robot
WG 14.2 - Entertainment Robot

est. 2004, rev. 2006

Aims & Scopes

The robot is becoming one of the most appealing entertainment. New entertainment robot and/or pet robot is becoming popular. Also, from a theoretical point of view, compared with computer graphics based characters/animations, the robot is an interesting research object as it has a physical entity. Taking these into considerations, it was decided at the SG16 annual meeting that a new working group on entertainment robot is to be established.


Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Malostranské nám. 25
CZ-118 00 PRAHA 1
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420.221 914 270
E-mail: david.obdrzalek@mff.cuni.cz


ATRichard Unger
CHJacques Bally
CHJean-Daniel Dessimoz
CZMartin Locker
DEAchim Gottscheber
ESJulio Pastor
GBMichael Heeney
ITGiovanni Muscato
ITCorrado Santoro
PLGrzegorz Granosik
RSBrainislav Borovac
RUAnton Yudin
SKRichard Balogh
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