est. 2004, rev. 2006

Aims & Scopes

The robot is becoming one of the most appealing entertainment. New entertainment robot and/or pet robot is becoming popular. Also, from a theoretical point of view, compared with computer graphics based characters/animations, the robot is an interesting research object as it has a physical entity. Taking these into considerations, it was decided at the SG16 annual meeting that a new working group on entertainment robot is to be established.


Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Malostranské nám. 25
CZ-118 00 PRAHA 1
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420.221 914 270


AT Richard Unger
CH Jacques Bally
CH Jean-Daniel Dessimoz
CZ Martin Locker
DE Achim Gottscheber
ES Julio Pastor
GB Michael Heeney
IT Giovanni Muscato
IT Corrado Santoro
PL Grzegorz Granosik
RS Brainislav Borovac
RU Anton Yudin
SK Richard Balogh