IFIP Technical Committee 14: Entertainment Computing

WG 14.1 - Digital Storytelling

//WG 14.1 - Digital Storytelling
WG 14.1 - Digital Storytelling

est. 2002, rev. 2006

Aims & Scopes

Storytelling is one of the core technologies of entertainment. Especially with the advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT), a new type of entertainment called video games have been developed where interactive story development is the key that makes those games really entertaining. At the same time, however, it has not been studied well what is the difference between the interactive storytelling and the conventional storytelling. Also as the development of interactive storytelling need a lot of time and human power, it is crucial to develop technologies for automatic or semiautomatic story development. The objective of this working group is to study and discuss these issues.


As a first member of this WG14.1, Marc Cavazza is named as chair (contact: m.o.cavazza@tees.ac.uk).


Already there are several conferences/workshops on digital storytelling. To establish a link between IFIP and these conferences/workshops is the first activity of WG14.1.


School of Computer Science and Statistics
Trinity College
Telephone: +353 1 896 1540
E-mail: Mads.Haahr@cs.tcd.ie


CHNicolas Szilas
DEUlrike Spierling
ESFederico Peinado
FRStephane Donikian
FRStephane Natkin
GBMarac Cavazza
PTNuno Correia
PTAna Paiva
USMichael Young
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