IFIP Technical Committee 14: Entertainment Computing

WG 14.8 – Serious Games

//WG 14.8 – Serious Games
WG 14.8 – Serious Games

est. 2012


To promote serious games research, development and assessment, and to encourage and facilitate wider adoption and use of serious games, the working group will pursue the following activities:

  • To establish a shared understanding and arena for current and emerging serious games
  • To connect interdisciplinary approaches/groups and encourage cooperation and collaboration in research and development projects
  • To encourage investigation of entertainment in its various forms in serious games (e.g. stimulating, thought-provoking, pleasurable, etc.)
  • Develop methodologies to inform design, development and assessment of serious games
  • Facilitate the development of suitable academic and practical teaching programs


  • Video games, simulations, virtual environments, interactive art/media, mixed reality/media for a purpose
  • Interactive narrative and storytelling (e.g. to participate in scenarios and social situations and make ethical, moral and strategic judgments and decisions)
  • Virtual heritage (e.g. to experience cultures, customs and values of past and present civilizations)
  • Mobile platforms for serious games
  • Digital development tools, authoring environments and game engines
  • Development of methodologies & guidelines for design, development and assessment
  • Incorporation of learning/pedagogical theories
  • Social, cultural and ethical impact/considerations of these technologies


Dr. Timothy MARSH
Griffith University
Queensland College of Art
Griffith Film School
Box 3370
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Telephone: +61.7 373 56327
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E-mail: t.marsh@griffith.edu.au



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